US Ambassador about the beauty of Romania

Hans Klemm, the Ambassador of US in Romania sent a message to all Romanians at New Years Eve and mentioned about the beauty of Romanian places he visited in 2016.   Happy New Year Mr.Hans Klemm and thank you for appreciating our country and our people! Enjoy Romania even more in 2017! #Go2Romania

December – Enjoy the beautiful Romanian traditions

December is for Romania and Romanians a time when we remember traditions. Especially in the countryside, but not only. Our traditions are built around religious believes, but they embedded also superstitions which lasted over years. The first celebration in December is St. Nicholas – celebrated on December 6th. On Saint Nicholas’ Eve all the...

DinoPark Rasnov

Dino Park from Rasnov is one of the largest dinosaurs parks in South Eastern Europe. The park is estimated to cover 1,4 h and was opened in June 2015. The park is including: tree houses, cinema 9D, tirolians, adventure trails and exhibitions. The park is targeting children starting at age of 3, and it...

Rasnov Citadel

Rasnov Citadel is located on a rocky hill in the top of Barsa, about 15 km southwest of the city of Brasov, on the old trade route that connected – by Bran Pass – the old city of Brasov from the capital of the former Romanian Country Campulung. The fortress was built of stone...

Bucharest, a Modern Capital City

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania. You may find here not just a modern city, with a lot of opportunities to spend your free time, but also a city with an intense flavor of history.   Here is a map of Bucharest so you could locate your points of interest: